Theodore and F.D. Roosevelt receive their Columbia Law Degrees
October 9, 2008  Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center
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circa 1920

Presidents Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt received their Columbia Law School degrees posthumously in early October to celebrate the School’s Sesquicentennial.

Theodore Roosevelt, Class of 1882

Theodore Roosevelt’s (’82) great, great grandson, Simon, said “T.R.” no doubt appreciated the temperance, order and rationality of his Columbia legal training.


Franklin D. Roosevelt, Class of 1907

FDR's (’ 07) grandson, Michael (’72), said Columbia Law School should be proud of the academic impact it has on alumni, such as the Roosevelts’.


1929 vs. 2008,  Dean Schizer notes a world of difference

In describing FDR’s accomplishments, Columbia Law Dean David M. Schizer drew parallels to today, but noted FDR led the nation through a much more volatile era.